Karam Shaar is a macroeconomist, with a BA from the University of Aleppo, an MSc from University Putra Malaysia, and a PhD from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Karam is from Aleppo, Syria, and he is interested in the political economy of the Middle East. He was actively engaged in the civil uprising demanding democratic reforms in his country in 2011 and 2012. Later in Malaysia, he volunteered with the UNCHR, teaching and fundraising to help refugees. He also worked as a researcher at the Aleppo Project where he focused on the economics of the civil war in the city. In New Zealand, he organized several events to raise public awareness about the war in his country. He currently works as a Senior Analyst at the New Zealand Treasury. The views expressed in his writings at MEI are his own. He can be followed on Twitter @KaramSh88 and https://www.karamshaar.com/.

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