The Stimson Center and the Middle East Institute are pleased to co-host a panel discussion on grassroots efforts to begin laying the groundwork for a new Syria. As the second anniversary of Syria’s uprising approaches, its deepening turmoil and expanding humanitarian crisis underscore the tragic dimensions of the Arab world’s bloodiest uprising. The Assad regime maintains its hold on power, but has retreated from vast swathes of territory, particularly in northern and eastern areas of the country. In the northern city of Aleppo—mired in a months-long stalemate, it is estimated that 70% of the city is under rebel control. Under exceptionally harsh conditions, various civilian actors are striving to create the foundations of a post-Assad Syria. Their work encompasses civil society, local governance and service provision, and humanitarian relief efforts. A diverse panel of activists and experts involved in different realms of Syrian society will discuss their efforts and insights into the challenges and needs on the ground. Please join us for this timely discussion featuring: Leila Hilal Director, Middle East Task Force, New America Foundation Rafif Jouejati Director, FREE-Syria, non-profit humanitarian organization devoted to women's empowerment and English-language spokesperson for the Syrian Local Coordination Committees, a network of activists throughout Syria Elizabeth O'Bagy Senior Research Analyst, Institute for the Study of War Honey al-Sayed Co-Founder and Board member-ROYA Association For a Better Syria & Radio SouriaLi and Host & Producer-Radio SouriaLi Mona Yacoubian Senior Advisor on the Middle East, Stimson Center (Moderator) Thu, 3/7/2013 10:00 am to 11:30 am