Over the last few months, Iran has experienced a series of street protests in rural areas and social arenas once seen as the key support base for the Islamic Republic. Politically active youth are voicing their frustrations with the country's political, social, and economic prospects. Many of these protests as well as online activism have been met with pushback from conservatives and crackdown from the government.

What are the prospects for change in Iran's existing political system? Is there a dynamic that might foster greater openness, pluralism and democratization? Who are the rising political figures who may lead such a change? How can the international community support a political shift in Iran that benefits its own society?

The Middle East Institute (MEI) is pleased to host Daniel Brumberg, co-editor (with Farideh Farhi) of Power and Political Change in Iran, Azadeh Pourzand (Siamak Pourzand Foundation) and Shadi Mokhtari (American University) to examine the unfolding political struggles in Iran and their potential implications for the Islamic Republic. MEI Senior Fellow Alex Vatanka will moderate the discussion.