Ada Peter is an Assistant Professor, Media, Peace and National Security, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria. She explores the processes of terrorism, violent extremism and conflicts to help governments curb terrorist acts and violent extremism and conflicts in her region. As a lead researcher of investigations on online communication and social change in developing nations, her research covers an array of topics, including civil wars, terrorism, insurgencies, cyber terrorism, cyber resilience, and security by other means. For instance, she uses algorithms to analyze online big data, which she thinks may help predict acts of terror and armed conflicts in some African countries. The principal settings of her study include Libya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, DRC and Nigeria; which have relatively high internet penetration but have experienced or are experiencing varying degrees of extremisms, violence-criminal violence, election-related violence, armed conflicts, short term crisis-in different political contexts-restrictive and collaborative contexts. She has received several regional and international fellowship awards on her research. The most recent award in 2017 was from the U.S Department of State, recognizing Dr. Peter as SUSI Scholar on U.S National Security and Policymaking in 2017.


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