Imad Mansour was previously at Qatar University, Sciences Po Paris – Campus Moyen-Orient Méditerranée à Menton, and McGill University. His research interests are at the intersection of interdisciplinary approaches to studying the influence of narratives in government and state building, foreign policy analysis, and regional rivalries.

He is author of Statecraft in the Middle East: Foreign Policy, Domestic Politics and Security (I.B. Tauris, 2016), and Shocks and Rivalries in the Middle East and North Africa, co-edited with William R. Thompson (Georgetown University Press, 2020). Some of his articles include: "Explaining the influence of Maghrebi rivalries on Tunisian foreign policy" (2020); “Treading with Caution: China’s Expanding Security Presence in the Gulf” (2019); “The State of Hezbollah? Sovereignty as a Potentiality in Global South Contexts” (2018); “A Global South Perspective on International Relations Theory” (2017).

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