Michimi Muranushi is Professor of International Politics with the Department of Law at Gakushin University, Tokyo. His academic interests include war, genocide, refugees, and human rights in North Korea, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Middle East, and Central Africa. His most recent article on the Rohingyas is “The Kofi Annan Report and the Transformation of Myanmar: the Possibility of Fraud in Myanmar’s Policies toward the Rohingya in 2017,” Gakushuin Review of Law and Politics (Spring 2018). 

Professor Michimi has been affiliated with various universities and think tanks, including Johns Hopkins University, SAIS; the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); and the Research Institute for Peace and Security, Japan. He has held visiting professorships at Shanghai Institute of International Affairs, Fudan University, and Beijing University. He received Bachelor of Law(Public Law)from University of Tokyo, M.A in International Relations and Ph.D. in International Politics from Yale University.

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