About the Program

MEI's Cyber Program focuses on five broad and intersecting pillars:

  1. Emerging technologies: developing technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, 5G, biometrics, and cryptocurrencies and their impacts on economics, civil society, and security in the region.
  2. Cyber conflict: the exploitation of unauthorized access to networked devices for the purposes of espionage, disruption, or sabotage.
  3. Privacy and civil society: the impacts networked and emerging technologies have on privacy and the social contract in the Middle East.
  4. Information and influence campaigns: the public propagation of information and messages for strategic political advantage.
  5. Countering extremism online: terrorist and extremist use of the internet and social media, and methods to disrupt it.

MEI Cyber Study Group

The research goals of the Program are supported by quarterly meetings of a Study Group composed of experts from diverse sectors including USG, regional governments and embassies, think tanks, energy, IT, defense, law, and others. The Study Group provides input and discussion on ongoing developments in cybersecurity, discusses various threats and opportunities, identifies confluences of priorities, and compares best practices. It also identifies other experts working on these issues and areas for potential collaboration.

This group serves as an evolving repository of knowledge and discussion on the issues that will inform the Cyber Program's ongoing research goals and priorities, and aims to create a more interdisciplinary body of knowledge on the intersection of Middle East affairs and cybersecurity issues. The Group's discussion and findings have resulted in a variety of products and outcomes, including a white paper on disinformation in the Middle East, an upcoming academic article on cyber peace and de-escalation, and others.

For more information, contact Program Director Mike Sexton (msexton@mei.edu).

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