September 19, 2019
9:00 am - 2:15 pm


Middle East Institute
1763 N Street NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20036 (Map)



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The Middle East Institute (MEI) is pleased to host a conference on future projections for the Middle East, assessing projected trends, drives, policy responses, and future challenges for the MENA region in 2030 and beyond.


9:00–9:15 AM | Welcoming Remarks and Overview of the Day
Paul Salem
President, MEI
Amb. Gerald Feierstein
Senior vice president, MEI

9:15-9:45AM | Keynote Address: Trends in Tech, Cyber, Security and their Repercussions in the Middle East
Richard A. Clarke
Chairman, MEI Board of Governors

9:45AM-10:55AM | Panel I: The MENA Region in 2030: Trends and Trajectories
This interactive panel will examine the forces over the next 10-15 years that will cause/drive the greatest change in the region. How do we foresee some of these forces influencing each other, accelerating, slowing, and shaping change? What projections can we make of things likely to be significantly different in the region in 2030?
Elhum Haghighat
Professor and chair, Department of Political Science, City University of New York
Amal Kandeel
Director, Climate Change and Environment Program, MEI
Steven Kenney (moderator)
Founder and principal, Foresight Vector LLC

10:55AM-11:15AM | Coffee Break

11:15AM-11:45AM | Remarks:
His Excellency Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi

Minister of Climate Change and Environment, United Arab Emirates

11:45AM-12:55PM | Panel II: Policy Responses to Future Challenges
This discussion will focus on policy areas that will reflect the greatest change in 2030 relative to today. What social-cultural, technological, or other forces will force enable major changes in policies affecting/governing the region? How will policymaking/policymakers address the interrelationships between issue areas?
Ferid Belhaj
Vice president, Middle East and North Africa, World Bank
Laila Iskandar
Former Minister of Environment, Egypt
Ruba Husari
Scholar, MEI
Michael Nagata
Former director of Strategic Operational Planning, National Counterterrorism Center
Paul Salem
President, MEI
Patrick Tucker (moderator)
Technology editor, Defense One

12:55-1:30 | Lunch Buffet

1:30-2:15 | Luncheon Keynote conversation: The Future of the U.S. Role in the Region
Rep. Tom Malinowski

Representative, 7th District, New Jersey

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