Crispin M. I. Smith is a British researcher working on foreign policy and international law, with a particular focus on Iraq and Kurdistan. He has researched and consulted for government agencies, NGOs, and international organizations working in Iraq, Syria and the wider region. He also advises working groups in the U.K. House of Lords, and has briefed representatives of various governments on related policy issues.

In 2016 Crispin led a research team for the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, investigating minority rights in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The public findings were published in 2017 in a report entitled "Wilting in the Kurdish Sun: the Hopes and Fears of Religious Minorities in Northern Iraq." His work on the legal status of the Kurdish Peshmerga is due to be published in volume 59 of the Harvard International Law Journal as "Independent without Independence: the Iraqi-Kurdish Peshmerga in International Law."

Crispin holds a BA in Assyriology and Arabic from the University of Oxford, and is a candidate for Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School. 

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