Ali Bakeer is a political analyst and consultant with more than a decade of professional experience working with senior officials, decision makers, and stakeholders for governmental, non-governmental, and private sector institutions in countries across the MENA region.

Dr. Bakeer follows geopolitical and security trends in the Middle East, great power politics, and non-state actors, among other topics. He is a distinguished TV commentator in the Arab world and analyst on the foreign policies of Turkey, Iran, and GCC countries. He writes regularly for many Arabic, English, and Turkish platforms. He has recently contributed to English-language outlets including: The National Interest, Al-Jazeera English, Al-Monitor, Atlantic Council, and Sada-Carnegie Endowment MEC.

He has been featured as an expert at a variety of international conferences and workshops including the ones held by RAND, Brookings-Doha, Carnegie Endowment MEC, and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), among others.

Dr. Bakeer has a PhD in political science/international relations from Beirut Arab University. He recently contributed to a book chapter on the "Evolution of Turkey-Qatar Relations Amid a Growing Gulf Divide" published by Palgrave. 

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Twitter Handle: @alibakeer