Fariba Parsa, Ph.D., specializes in political ideologies of democracy and civil movements in Iran. She worked as an assistant research professor at George Mason University, has conducted research at Harvard University and the University of Maryland, and was previously a Non-Resident Scholar with MEI's Iran Program. Dr. Parsa was born and raised in Iran. She lived in Denmark for several years and has worked with Danish national and grassroots organizations on human rights and democracy for more than 15 years. She was elected as a board member of a number of organizations in Denmark, such as the Danish National Women’s Council, Danish Council for European Policy, and the Danish National Council for Human Rights. She has contributed to Danish newspapers and national TV. Dr. Parsa currently works at Yorktown System Groups as a Farsi instructor and is the founder and president of Women’s E-Learning in Leadership (WELL), a nonprofit organization with the mission of empowering university women to become leaders and make a positive change in their community.

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