Fariba Parsa, Ph.D., specializes in political ideologies of democracy and civil movements in Iran. She worked as an assistant research professor at George Mason University and has conducted research at Harvard University and the University of Maryland. Dr. Parsa was born and raised in Iran. She lived in Denmark for several years and has worked with Danish national and grassroots organizations on human rights and democracy for more than 15 years. She was elected as a board member of a number of organizations in Denmark, such as the Danish National Women’s Council, Danish Council for European Policy, and the Danish National Council for Human Rights. She has contributed to Danish newspapers and national TV. Dr. Parsa currently works at Yorktown System Groups as a Farsi instructor and is the founder and president of Women’s E-Learning in Leadership (WELL), a nonprofit organization with the mission of empowering university women to become leaders and make a positive change in their community.

Ph.D. in Social Science, Roskilde University, Denmark
Master’s degree in Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Farsi and Danish

Issues of Expertise
Democracy and human rights, civil movements, political Islam, women’s issues


Confronting Islamic Ideologies, Kanert Academic Publishing Co & KG, Germany, 2011

Book chapters
”An Analysis of Iranian Women’s Activism to Change the Law.” Edited by Professor Nazmuessa Mahtab, Discourse Analysis as a Tool for Understanding Gender Identity, Representation, and Equality, Vol 2. Published by IGI, Global USA (May 2016) 

“Women Power Strategies for Female Leadership in Iran.” Edited Linda Ellis Eastman, Women Power: Strategies for Female Leadership, Published by the Professional Women Network, PWN, USA (November 2014)

Latest articles
“Dancing during the pandemic: Despite restrictions, music and dance retain a central role in Iranian society” (Middle East Institute) 

“The role of women in the building Iran’s future” (Middle East Institute) 

“Female entrepreneurship on the rise in Iran despite sanction, social barriers, and an internet blackout” (Middle East Institute)


Contact Information

Email: fparsa@mei.edu

Twitter Handle: @ParsaFariba