Tristan Kenderdine is research director at Future Risk, leading a group of specialized analysts providing commissioned research in political risk and economic geography. He has worked extensively in corporate and government research, covering trade, industry, energy and agriculture policy, as well as aluminium, steel, grain and oilseeds markets. Tristan has worked with major governments and corporate clients in Europe, North America, Russia, Australia and Singapore, mostly focused on resources, hydrocarbons, and agroindustrials.

Working in the spaces between political economy, political geography and institutional economics, Tristan’s research focuses on historical institutional interrelationality between public finance and industrial development in national economic systems in East Asia and Eurasia. Focused on China’s public administration and public finance institutions, his work covers China’s geoindustrial policy and impact on external geographies in Central Asia and the Middle East as well as more broadly in Southeast Asia, East Africa and Oceans. He has lived and worked in China, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and Kazakhstan for over ten years.

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