Dr. Giora Eliraz is an Affiliate Instructor at the Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, Seattle; Associate Fellow at the Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; Research Associate at the Forum for Regional Thinking (FORTH); and Research Fellow at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya.

He is the author of Islam in Indonesia: Modernism, Radicalism and the Middle East Dimension (Brighton & Portland: Sussex Academic Press, 2004) and the monograph Islam and Polity in Indonesia: An Intriguing Case Study (Washington, DC: Hudson Institute, February 2007). In 2008 Dr. Eliraz  was a member of an international research group that focused on religious extremism in Southeast Asia and Australia. He was formerly a Visiting Fellow at the Southeast Asia Centre at the Australian National University in Canberra.

In 2002, Dr. Eliraz completed three decades in the Israeli civil service, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and Office of the Prime Minister. He has taught at the Tel-Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He holds a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; his doctoral thesis was on “Egyptian Intellectuals in the Face of Tradition and Change, 1919-1939."


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