The deadly war in the Gaza Strip, sparked by the brutal terrorist attacks of Oct. 7, shows no sign of abating. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is steadily worsening and the civilian death toll continues to rise amid Israel’s punishing bombing campaign and ground assault. From Jordan and Syria to Iraq and Yemen, the reverberations are spreading far beyond Gaza, prompting fears of a potential large-scale escalation. Hamas’ unprecedented strike and the overwhelming Israeli reaction have redrawn the contours of the Middle East, reversing prewar de-escalatory trends, testing nascent new partnerships, and forcing the United States to refocus its attention back on this difficult but strategically important region. The geopolitical outcomes of the current war are as yet unknown but could prove profound and enduring.

The following collection of research, analysis, and public briefings explores the above dynamics. Bringing together a wide range of voices and multi-disciplinary subject-matter expertise, MEI’s coverage of the war and its widening reverberations seeks to inform, shape policy, and forecast where the conflict is headed.

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